contactArnold Avenue Day Habilitation

Two programs are located within this site. One program serves 20 individuals, the other serves 40. Each program offers a full array of clinical services and has full time nursing staff available.  This site provides numerous volunteer hours on-site for community agencies and for The Arc.  Individuals frequently volunteer within the community and take many recreation based trips.

Fine Arc Day Habilitation

This program focuses on fine arts and is designed for the person who has special interests and talents that they wish to express.  Through a  collaboration with The Arc and Players of Utica, this program is held at Players Theatre twice a week and The Arc three days a week.  No clinical supports are provided and individuals must be free of behavioral and medical concerns.

Kirkland Day Habilitation

This program relocated from the Neighborhood Center in Utica to newly renovated space in Kirkland, in August 2010,  along side Venture Day Habilitation.  The program has a capacity to serve up to 18 individuals.  Most individuals who attend this program have an interest in volunteering within the community and enjoy assisting less able bodied peers.  This program offers minimal clinical supports.

North Utica Senior Day Habilitation

This program caters towards individuals who are ready to retire.  It is located at the North Utica Community Center and offers an array of integrated activities as well as activities within the community. Intergenerational activities are available with the Preschool classes and a big focus on holiday celebrations.  A nutritional meal is provided daily as part of program activities.  Individuals must be medically stable and not display any significant behavioral concerns.  Other than nursing, this program does not offer clinical supports.

OPTS Venture Day Habilitation

A new program that began in 2007, Venture offers a unique program option focusing on volunteering within the community.  The program is for young adults, ranging in age from 18 to 35. Individuals must be able to tolerate large amounts of time out in the community and must have a willingness to volunteer frequently.  A full array of clinical services is available at this program, except for psychological services.

Riverside Day Habilitation

Recently relocated from west Utica, this program focuses on serving our more medically frail and persons with the potential to display significant behavioral issues.  The Marcy site serves up to 40 people.  It offers year round gardening in our greenhouse, lounges for relaxation, a computer lab, teaching kitchens and many areas to allow individuals the freedom to move about.

Rome Day Habilitation

This program consists of a large 50 person program and small 3 person program.  Each program offers a variety of activities based on each persons desires.  The Rome site lends itself to outside activities as well as many community activities.  A full complement of clinical services are available at this site along with full time nursing staff.

Turin Day Habilitation

Located in Lewis County, this quaint program serves 42 individuals each day.  The site is very rural and lends itself to creative outdoor activities! The program has various volunteer opportunities and is known for its hand made cat and dog supplies.  This program has the ability to serve individuals who are more medically frail and also has the ability to deal with behavioral concerns.  A major focus is placed on positive approaches to behavior concerns and all staff are trained accordingly