thewyzinaMedicaid Service Coordination (MSC) Eligibility:
In order to receive MSC a person must meet
the following:

  • The person must be enrolled in Medicaid;
  • The person must have a documented diagnosis of a developmental disability prior to age 22;
  • The person, or an individual authorized to give consent on behalf of the person, must choose to receive MSC;
  • The person can not be enrolled in any other comprehensive long-term care service which includes service coordination.

1) How do you apply for MSC?

A person meeting the eligibility for MSC simply needs to contact Colleen Bottini, Assistant Director of MSC at 315.272.1656.

2) What is the purpose of MSC?
The purpose of MSC is to provide assistance in developing, arranging, coordinating, monitoring and creating a package of multiple services to meet an individual’s need for services to ensure they live a successful life according to their dreams and desires.

3) As an MSC service coordinator what will you do for me?
The MSC service coordinator will:

  • Work with an individual and their family to explore what they want and need in life and then assist them in getting it
  • Work in “partnership” with the person and their family to develop, implement, and maintain the person’s Individualized Service Plan
  • Work for the individual to find resources, services, and supports that the person wants or needs
  • Make sure all providers are working towards achieving the person’s desired outcomes.

4) What is an ISP?
An ISP is a personal plan written by the MSC service coordinator and is required for all persons enrolled in MSC or the HCBS Waiver. It contains information describing the person, identifying the person’s dreams and desires, and specifies the service and supports to achieve them. The ISP is developed using a person-centered approach to planning with the person being the focus of all planning activities. The content of the ISP is based upon discussions with the person, person’s family and/or advocate, service providers and others who know the person best. The ISP must be reviewed once every six months.

5) Where and how often will an MSC meet with my family or me?
The MSC service coordinator must meet with the person, face-to-face once a month or more as needed to meet your needs. These contacts can be provided at the person’s home, day program, or at any place designated by the person receiving MSC.

The MSC service coordinator is required to conduct a face-to-face home visit every three months.