We will meet for all activities at 5290 Stowe Street (The Arc’s Day Habilitation Building), Lowville, NY, unless otherwise stated.

Program Information: In order for us to be prepared with enough supplies please call 376-6473 and leave your name and telephone number at least two days prior to each event you wish to attend. This will ensure that we have enough supplies and staff. It will also allow us to contact you in case an activity has to be changed or canceled.

Dial-A-Drive Information: Please call 376-6473 no later than 48 hours in advance if you need a ride. This will enable us to better meet the needs of the individuals that use the program. Return calls will be made the day before the event giving you your pick up time.

May 2016 Calendar of Events:

Saturday, May 7th – Garage Sales – We will gather at Day Hab around 11AM to spend the day traveling around the community looking for great sales!! We will begin in Turin for their Village Wide Sale. Please bring either a bag lunch or money to stop and purchase lunch.
Thursday, May 13th - Ladies Tea – We have been invited to attend a ‘Ladies Tea’ in Utica at the Arc’s Leisure Center. You can take this opportunity to dress up for this special occasion. We will be leaving Lowville around 5PM to arrive at the event in a timely manner. Our tea evening will end at 8:30PM in Utica. The charge for the evening will be $2.00.
Friday, May 19th - Planting Flowers – This evening we will meet at Day Hab and pot some summer flowers to take home and enjoy throughout the season! The cost will be $1.00. Bring a little extra money; as if we get done early we will go out for coffee or soda.
Thursday, May 26th - Bowling at Lewis Lanes – This Thursday we will join our friends who are bowling on a league at Lewis Lanes. You can bowl up to 3 games or if you’d rather not bowl; food and other games are available. Bowling is $3.00 per game, plus $1.50 if you need shoes.

We hope you can join us in May!
The Rec Staff