November 2018

Kara Bennett, Community Respite Programs Manager ********************* 272-1589 8:30-4:00
Roxy Vasilopoulos, Adult Respite Program Coordinator********************* 272-1577 8:30-4:00
On Call Supervisor **********************************************************794-3494
Dial-A-Drive (48 hours advance notice required) *********************************790-9160
Leisure Center (Leave a message. Phone checked 2x nightly.) ********************** 272-1740
November 2nd– Kathy’s Ceramics. 6pm-9pm, $10.00
November 7th– Potluck @ ULC. Bring a dish to pass.
November 14th– Thanksgiving Craft @ ULC, $2.00
November 21st- Bingo @ ULC, $2.00
November 26th– Wii Games @ ULC, $2.00
November 28th– Baking with Brenda @ ULC, $2.00. 6:30pm-8:30pm
PROGRAM INFORMATION: The Leisure Center is located at 14 Arnold Ave., Utica, NY and is staffed from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Site based respite services, such as our Utica Leisure Center, are in-tended to supplement hourly respite. Events will vary and event frequency depends on the other commit-ments of the program. All individuals utilizing this program must complete an application, and provide documentation of their developmental disability. All individuals attending the events must require no more than a 20:1 staffing ratio. Someone who can provide the necessary amount of support must accom-pany individuals who require a higher level of supervision/ assistance. There is no nurse on site, but staff is First Aid/CPR certified.
TRANSPORTATION: Individuals eligible for Family Support Services may call Dial-A-Drive from the Arc, Oneida-Lewis to get transportation to events. Dial A Drive is limited depending on staffing and people using Dial A Drive must be able to enter/exit van independently in order to utilize this pro-gram. In the event that Dial A Drive is full, people we support may come to the Utica Leisure Center via caregiver or public transportation.
EVENTS: Every month a calendar of events is developed (based on input from individuals, the rec-reation council, and staff) which includes both on and off site events. This calendar indicates what nights the center is open and any special events that are planned, along with the cost for activities. On special occasions we offer off-site activities, and details regarding the location of the activity will be notated on the calendar. Meals/Snacks are not provided, unless stated on the calendar of events as part of an activity.
RSVP: It is very important that everyone RSVP for events. This allows us to approximately plan staffing, supplies and transportation to off site events. RSVP'ing helps us to guarantee there will be enough supplies for you to participate in the evening’s planned activity. It also enables us to contact you regarding any changes, if necessary. We ask that reservations for events be made at least 48 hours in ad-vance by calling 272-1740. The information you need to supply when you call is your name, phone num-ber, the event (s) you plan to attend, and how many will attend in your group. You may RSVP for more than one event when you call.
DAY TRIPS: It is very important that a reservation is made for these events. There are a limited number of seats available for these outings. The Leisure Center will be CLOSED when these outings take place. If eligible, Dial-A-Drive is available, but there is a limited number of seats. Please call 48 hours ahead with your reservation: 790-9160.
CANCELLATIONS: Unfortunately, unexpected events and bad weather sometimes require us to cancel programs. In this event, staff will try to contact you. You can also call 272-1740 for a voice mail update.