2020 Annual Appeal

How to give.

Please consider giving to this vital project by donating right on this page (below), or mail your check to:

The Arc, Oneida-Lewis
2020 Annual Appeal
245 Genesee Street
Utica, NY 13501

Sometimes you have to step back to see the bigger picture, and then it’s clear - The Arc is in our community championing people along their life’s journey every step of the way.


Meet six different people with six unique situations, tied together by a single bond. 

Neil Barney treks from Oswego to Glenfield to visit his cousin, who lives in an Arc residence. “It would have broken our hearts to see RJ in a place where he couldn’t get love and attention and human touch on a daily basis.” That’s an hour and a half each way, even longer in the winter, but Neil happily makes that trip with a smile on his face, realizing that peace of mind is invaluable. “We know that all of his needs and wants are met, and he’s in a safe, secure environment. RJ’s quite a man, and here he gets to be his own man, not just a number.”

Kevin Rabideau enjoys getting ready for the workday. “To me, it feels good to have a job,” says Rabideau. Kevin works at The Arc’s own Nickelback Redemption Center in Waterville. “I love the staff, the supervisors - Pam and Debbie, they’re good to me.” Like most, Kevin was worried he wouldn’t be able to work amid the COVID-19 pandemic. “I don’t want to be home all day; I like to be with my second family. That’s what I call The Arc. They really have helped me a lot.”

The Arc has been instrumental in helping Emma Ingham navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. “Emma loves to be out and about but always wants to know what’s happening next,” says her mom, Penny. “It’s been difficult to try and find enough activities for her to do seven days a week. Being able to attend Day Hab two days a week has been tremendous and gives her something to look forward to doing. The Zoom meetings have been fantastic, and keep her safe and healthy.”

Nobody was happier to return to in-person services than Josh Gower, who attends the Venture Day Hab program. “The minute he walked into the door, he started jumping up and down. It brought tears to my eyes,” said Michele White, Director of Day Services. Josh loves interacting with his cohort and has swapped out hugs for elbow bumps while embracing the program’s new motto, “stand up, mask up.”

Students in The Arc’s School to Work program have had to adapt in ways they would’ve never imagined. Mikayla Hurley relies on instructors to keep her patient and positive. “They listen to anything that is bothering me and encourage me to do stuff that I don’t think I can do.” Returning to a conventional school model may not be coming soon, and Mikayla is grateful The Arc remains in her corner. “I can’t put into words how amazing and caring they are. Thank you for pushing me to do my best.”

Anna Barcomb wasn’t planning to move until it became medically necessary to find a more suitable living arrangement. Anna didn’t just need a home; it was crucial for her to feel right at home. “Yeah, I love being here, buddy!” said Barcomb from her new dwelling. A peer group of like-minded roommates welcomed her with open arms, and Anna has yet to look back. “I love the people here. We get along great! I’m happy this is my new house.”