CQL and Corporate Compliance

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Code of Conduct and Whistleblower Non-Retaliation Statement

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Corporate Compliance Hotline – Phone 272-1545

The Compliance Hotline is a confidential way to report concerns directly to the Corporate Compliance Officer involving suspected or actual misuse of Agency assets, Medicaid dollars and/or violations of Agency policy, regulations or the Code of Conduct.  Your anonymity will be protected and all calls to the Hotline must be investigated

Department Overview:

  • To develop and maintain Standards of Conduct as well as other related policies, rules and procedures
  • To develop and maintain open lines of communication which provide anonymity and protection from retaliation
  • To implement corporate-wide training and communication programs to ensure all employees and affiliated parties are educated on the Standards of Conduct, the Corporate Compliance program and other specific issues deemed necessary to ensure an Agency culture of honesty, transparency and ethics
  • To identify and monitor areas of perceived risk
  • To establish audit controls and measurements to ensure correct processes are established
  • To maintain a working knowledge of relevant issues, laws, and regulations
  • To ensure prompt and thorough investigation of all Compliance issues and all allegations of abuse
  • To respond appropriately if a violation is uncovered, including a direct report to the Board of Directors or external agency if deemed necessary

Specific Policies/Procedures Related to Department:

  • Certification of Compliance with the Social Services Law §363-d and 18 NYCRR Part 521
  • Certification of Compliance with the Federal Deficit Reduction Act of 2005
  • Board Resolution Regarding Legal Compliance Program
  • AIM #0901 Corporate Compliance Policy
  • AIM #0873 Compliance Office Hotline Policy
  • AIM #0874 Compliance Issue Resolution
  • AIM #0876 Compliance Office & Legal Counsel Protocol
  • AIM #0877 Compliance Auditing and Monitoring Protocols
  • AIM #0878 Compliance Response, Follow-up & Resolution Protocols
  • AIM #0879 Compliance Office Records Management
  • AIM #0895 Compliance Officer Duties and Responsibilities
  • AIM #0896 Compliance Office Non-Disclosure Policy
  • AIM #0897 Compliance Committee Policy
  • AIM #0940 Voluntary Disclosure to Third Parties
  • AIM #0941 Unannounced Visits by Government Investigators or Auditors
  • AIM #0942 Search Warrants Policy
  • AIM #0943 Response to Subpoenas
  • AIM #0968 Confidentiality Policy 2015
  • AIM #1010 Employee Criminal Background Check (In conjunction with Human Resources)
  • AIM #1137 Compliance/False Claims Act
  • AIM #1142 Policy on Incident Notifications, Reports, & Release of Records Pertaining to Allegations of Abuse (Jonathan’s Law)
  • AIM #1143 Code of Conduct Policy & Statement
  • AIM #1143 Employee Acknowledgement Form
  • AIM #1144 Conflict of Interest Policy
  • AIM #1146 Exclusions/Sanction Screening Policy
  • AIM #1152 Disciplinary & Incentive Program
  • AIM #1166 Non-retaliation Policy
  • AIM #0894 Notice of Privacy Policy
  • AIM #0869 HIPAA Privacy Ruling Subpart C
  • AIM #0884 HIPAA Authorizations
  • AIM #0891 Whistleblowers and Workforce Crime Victims
  • AIM #0890 HIPAA Internal Complaint Policy
  • AIM #0888 Accounting for Disclosures
  • AIM #0889 Minimum Necessary Standards for Use, Disclosure and Request of Protected Health Information (PHI)
  • AIM #0886 Individual Right to Access, Inspect and Copy Records
  • AIM #0893 Personal Representatives
  • AIM #0887 Designated Record Set
  • AIM #0892 Amendment of Consumer Health Records
  • Agency Compliance Program Outline