For Employers

Employment Services supports more than 200 individuals who are employed in part-time and full-time jobs, individually and in small groups, integrated in the community.  We have a dedicated staff of employment professionals who assist with job placement, job training and ongoing support.

Hiring from The Arc has many distinct advantages:

-      There are no placement fees for our services

-      Applicants are pre-screened and matched to a business’s particular job specifications

-      The individuals we support are dependable, reliable, highly motivated candidates

-      You will have greater stability in high-turnover positions

-      You will find that you have improved employee morale

-      Your business will be a more inclusive workplace

Employment Services works closely with ACCES-VR to screen all candidates looking to secure employment.  Based on our employment assessments, we refer only carefully screened applicants for a new job, and work side-by-side with employers so they are comfortable with their new employee. Our follow-up and ongoing monitoring ensure that the transition of a new hire is smooth and successful.

Our experienced Employment Specialists support the individuals and their employers by assisting with job training and workplace integration, and continue to  provide ongoing support as needed to ensure our placements meet the employer’s expectations in all of their job responsibilities.

Our Job Developers are always looking for new work opportunities for the individuals we support.  We encourage employers to consider this rich resource of workers to satisfy their workforce needs, whether filling a full-time need or carving out a special job of only 6 hours a week. We encourage employers to think creatively about their staffing needs and consider the benefits of adding an especially grateful, dedicated person with a disability to their team.

If you are interested in hiring an individual from our Employment Programs, or you would like to learn more about us, call (315) 927-0171.  We are here to help you make your workforce more inclusive with dependable employees.