For Parents and Community Members

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Caregiver Retreat

Support and Education for Families Program


Arc Lecture Series



[ba-column size="two-thirds" last="1"]Community & Family Services is committed to providing ongoing education, support and relief for family members of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Our services ensure that families have the resources necessary to give their loved ones the best care possible. Families seeking to expand their knowledge have expert advice, a monthly lecture series, an Autism lending library and a network of experienced families available to help guide them.  Parents may apply to be reimbursed for a portion of the cost of respite services furnished by their own family care provider.  We assist families with  financial and life planning for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities so caregivers can rest assured that their family member’s interests will be protected, his or her needs will continue to be met and that the future for their child is  secure.

Director of Community & Family Services: Karen A Hoffman
(315) 927-0220