Habilitation Services

Community Habilitation

Services are offered to individuals who live with their family or caregivers or who live independently. Community Habilitation is designed to help strengthen skills and to achieve satisfying and rewarding connections and relationships.  Services are provided in both community and home-based environments.  Staff assists the individual with daily living activities and helps him/her achieve the specific outcomes he/she considers important.
Participants must be waiver eligible. Program is offered at individuals’ homes and in the community in both Oneida and Lewis counties.

Contact: Shanen Proulx0711131104a
Community Habilitation Coordinator in Oneida County
(315) 927-0211
Terrie Ripp
Community  Habilitation Supervisor in Lewis County
(315) 874-4582


Group Day Habilitation

Stowe Street Day Habilitation program provides individuals with community inclusion opportunities and skill development in a variety of areas that promote independence. This site-based program meets Monday though Friday, 8:00 am-3:00 pm.
Participants must be waiver eligible.
Program is located at 5290 Outer Stowe Street Lowville, NY 13367

Contact: Terrie Rippstowe street day hab 022
Habilitation Programs Coordinator in Lewis County
(315) 874-4582