Vocational Services

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[/ba-column][ba-column size="one-half" last="1"]The Arc offers a variety of Vocational programs for adults with developmental disabilities.[/ba-column]

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Vocational Rehabilitation Training
Provides paid employment in supported settings in the community and in Arc facilities.


One of the goals of The Arc is to increase public awareness about the needs.

Progress Industries - LCI
Offers paid employment in packaging, assembly and manufacturing for adults with developmental disabilities.

Business Services
Progress Industries

Service Sites


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The Vocational Services programs primary goal is to provide work for pay opportunities within community based and facility based job sites throughout Oneida and LewisCounty.  Within the work for pay environment needed training and clinical supports are provided based on individual needs.

The history of our agency has always revolved around providing the tools and supports necessary for the individuals whom we serve to become more independent and productive members of the community.  The self esteem, confidence and ability to choose ones own path in life has always been fostered within the vocational programs.  Currently The Vocational Services operates 6 sites which serve almost 300 individuals within Lewis and Oneida County.   Staff within the program takes great pride in providing normalized work sites both within the community and at our program work sites within Arc owned facilities.

For more information, please contact:

Jerry A Switzer, Director of Employment Solutions
The Arc, Oneida Lewis Chapter
Phone (315) 927-0171
Email: JASwitzer@thearcolc.org