collegeworks_000CollegeWorks is a collaborative project between The Arc, Oneida Lewis Chapter, and Mohawk Valley Community College (MVCC) for individuals with disabilities. It is a non-degree, non-credit two-year college based vocational program located on MVCC Utica and Rome campuses.

CollegeWorks Students will:
• Develop marketable work skills
• Learn self awareness and self advocacy skills
• Improve communication skills
• Improve relationship-building skills
• Become motivated workers who understand the responsibilities of employment

Classes run August - June

Year One offers four six-week modules of exploratory assessment in each of the following occupational areas:
• Hospitality
• Maintenance
• Caregiving
• Retail/Office

Year Two curriculum is based on student interests and assessments. In year two, students elect and concentrate their study in one occupational area with a curriculum designed to prepare them for employment. Each student participates in internships and job shadowing with local businesses.

Application Process
Application process includes completed application, student interview, personal/work recommendations and a two day classroom visit. All individuals must submit complete application materials, including a signed physician’s report/examination and educational assessments.

For individuals who qualify for OPWDD waiver services, tuition is provided at no cost to the individual.

For more information, please contact:
Brianna Catrombone, Admissions Specialist 
Phone:  315.792.5465