Residential Services

Our Residential program offers two types of living environments, Supervised and Supportive Individualized Residential Alternatives (IRAs). 

Supervised IRAs consist of homes that provide 24-hour staff support and oversight (We currently have over 30 homes located between Oneida and Lewis Counties). 

Supportive IRAs are a more independent setting, with overnight staffing only provided based on the needs of the person, which is generally a few hours a day. 

Both settings provide support and development for people in many areas, including residential habilitation, skill enhancement, recreational opportunities, medical oversight, and advocacy. Services provided by staff are individualized based on the person's preferences, goals, and dreams. 

To learn more about Residential Services, please see the frequently asked questions on this page or contact:

Cindy Griswold
Vice President of Residential Services

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Residential FAQs