CFS Programs for Adults

Offers individuals the opportunity to participate in more involved group activities or overnight trips to local attractions. Admissions, meals, and transportation are provided at no charge to families. *Participants must be waiver eligible. 

Provides transportation for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to attend various pre-planned activities in the community between the hours of 5-9 pm most weekdays. This service offers door-to-door transportation. Participants must be eligible for Family Support Services.

Provides people living independently in the community an opportunity to participate in supervised recreation activities with their peers. Door-to-door transportation is provided. *Participants must be eligible for Individual Support Services.

Offers two 2-hour long activities per month for people in the Rome area. While activities vary, a dance with live music at Rome Free Academy located at 95 Dart Circle is typically monthly. Families can drop off their loved ones, or people who live with a family can arrange transportation through our Dial-a-Drive service. *Participants must be enrolled in Hourly Respite or PALS to attend. 

Located at 14 Arnold Ave. in Utica, this Leisure Center is staffed weekly from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Activities include arts & crafts, Wii gaming, karaoke, tabletop & board games, spa nights, cooking activities, potlucks, and reading groups. Attending events will vary, and frequency depends on the other commitments of the program. Site-based respite services supplement hourly respite. 

*All people utilizing this program must be enrolled in either hourly respite, PALS, or live in a certified setting. (Those coming from a certified residential setting must provide staff). All people attending the events must require no more than a 20:1 staffing ratio. Someone who can provide the necessary amount of support must accompany people who need a higher level of supervision/assistance.
Open to adults (18 years or older) with a developmental disability who live with their families, independently or in a certified residential setting. Bowling is a 6-week program, held during the summer from 3-5 pm, at a local bowling alley. Limited transportation home from bowling is available for those who live in the Utica area and enrolled in our Dial-A-Drive service. 

The Special Olympics’ Medical and Consent release forms MUST BE COMPLETED for each athlete and the athlete’s doctor before a person is deemed eligible to bowl. The Special Olympics Medical and Consent release forms are the ONLY physical forms accepted for this program and can remain on file for three years. Both forms are provided below. 

The Charles B. Wolkon Memorial Day Camp program offers people 18 and older with leisurely summertime activities and socialization for one week in July. Activities include tie-dye, fishing, water games, basketball, outdoor sports, foosball, bingo, ping pong, billiards, arts and crafts, and more!

*Transportation to and from Camp is provided from The Arc’s Leisure Center at 14 Arnold Avenue in Utica for those enrolled in The Arc’s Dial-A-Drive service. The Charles B. Wolkon Day Camp is located at 506 Hacadam Road in Frankfort, NY 13340. 

HOURLY RESPITE (offered in Oneida County ONLY)
Once known as “Evening Recreation” or “Recreation Respite,” Hourly Respite involves several groups of people that attend various recreational activities in the community, providing caregivers with free time. Each Hourly Respite group comprises 2-9 people who live in the same area, are approximately the same age or enjoy the same type of social activities. *People who participate in this program must be waiver eligible and live with a family member. 

This hourly respite program provides an activity each week with the group of participants choosing the self-determined activity. *People who participate in this program must be waiver eligible and live with a family member. 

Contact: Kara Bennett
Community Respite Programs Manager
(315) 927-0219
Caregivers are matched with specially-trained staff to care for a qualifying loved one, so they can tend to other matters within or outside their home. Staff may assist the individual with daily living skills. This program is provided at families’ homes. *Participants must be waiver eligible. 

Contact: Shanen Proulx
Community Habilitation Coordinator in Oneida County
(315) 927-0211
Terrie Ripp
Habilitation Programs Coordinator in Lewis County
(315) 874-4582
This program provides start-up funding, transition funding, and ongoing financial support in rent or utility subsidies for eligible people with developmental disabilities. ISS residential funding enables adults in Oneida and Lewis Counties to live independently in the community of their choice. *Participants must be waiver eligible.

Contact: Amber Yancey
ISS/FSS Coordinator
(315) 927-0207
Allows families to hire a respite worker to care for a qualified loved one and have their cost for care be reimbursed with OPWDD funds through The Arc. Applications for families requiring crisis support and families not receiving any other Medicaid Waiver Services are given preference. This program serves children and adults in Oneida County. *Eligibility is subject to annual recertification.

Contact: Amber Yancey
ISS/FSS Coordinator
(315) 927-0207

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