NYSDOH Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

kristaTBI Eligibility:

In order to receive service coordination a person must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a diagnosis of TBI or related diagnosis
  • Be eligible for nursing facility level of care as determined by a Patient review Instrument (PRI) and SCREEN
  • Be a Medicaid recipient
  • Be 18-64 years old
  • Choose to live in a community rather than a nursing home
  • Have or find a living arrangement which meets individual’s need
  • Be able to be served with the funds and services available under the HCBS/TBI waiver and NYS Medicaid State Plan

What is a HCBS/TBI Waiver?

  • A waiver is an opportunity for comprehensive services to be available in the community
  • A HCBS waiver allows SC to assist in  assembling a package of carefully tailored services to comprehensively meet the needs of an individual in a community-based setting
  • Through an individualized service plan the waiver must ensure the participant's health and safety

What to expect from your Service Coordinator:

  • Is responsible to the individual and helps participant identify his/her unique needs
  • Assistance with the development and monitoring of the individualized service plan
  • Promotes activities which will increase his/her independence and life satisfaction
  • Assistance with integration in the community of his/her choice
  • Helps with increasing an individual's productivity and participation in meaningful activities
  • Assistance in arranging for daily living supports and services to meet an individual's needs