Housing Opportunities

Housing Opportunities

CollegeWorks has a dorm like setting located within walking distance of the Utica MVCC campus and is currently only an option for students in the Utica CollegeWorks program. The current housing opportunities are limited to four students in one four-bedroom home, same gender.

Students living away from home can learn skills needed to live independently, including taking responsibility for their own space. Roommates share the living area in this real-life housing environment with staff support. CollegeWorks housing does not include 24/7 supervision; however, a manager is on call 24/7 in addition to nursing oversight.

While staying at the CollegeWorks housing, students are expected to attend CollegeWorks classes at MVCC and participate in daily and weekly rotating chores in the house.

An application process is required for housing, including a student interview, an overnight visit, community and independent living assessments, exploring the particular match between the program and the student, and more. Students must be OPWDD eligible and receive Medicaid waiver services with Care Management and Social Security Income. Contact us to learn more about these opportunities.


Students are supported with a balance of guidance and independence.

House guidelines and expectations are clearly communicated and maintained to create a safe and comfortable environment.

Students will form bonds with their housemates and build a peer support system.

Students navigate freedom to make choices.

Students are within walking distance to attend evening and weekend events or programs.

Opportunity to increase responsibility levels as quarterly milestones are addressed.

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