Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Progress Industries: where opportunity, diversity, and inclusion meet.

The Arc, Oneida-Lewis Chapter business enterprise, has focused on the employability of people with disabilities since 1957!

Progress Industries, a business enterprise of The Arc, Oneida-Lewis has focused on the employability of people with developmental disabilities since 1957. Currently, we provide meaningful employment opportunities for people through contracted work with local and national companies.

The Arc, Oneida-Lewis' mission is to enable persons with disabilities and their families to achieve their potential through self-determined goals. It's our vision that all persons with disabilities live as fully included members of their community.

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An integrated workforce is formed in an inclusive setting that promotes and celebrates abilities.

Some of the benefits employees in our inclusive workforce receive:

  • Skill-building through training and enhancement
  • Social interactions developing into peer friendships
  • A paycheck leading to financial independence
  • Pride and satisfaction of employment
A leader in services for people with developmental disabilities since 1954