What is Self Direction?

Is Self-Direction right for you? The self-directed option gives people with developmental disabilities the option to use funding from OPWDD to design and manage services based on their personal needs and goals. 

Self-Direction means that you, with the help of your circle of support, can choose: the mix of supports and services that work best for you, how and when they are provided, and the staff and/or organizations who provide them. 

Circle of Support:
The Care Manager, Broker & Individual are required members of the circle of support. All other members are chosen by the individual and can have as many or as few members as determined by the individual. The team should work as a team to identify valued outcomes, safeguards, weekly schedules & staff back up plans. 

For more information on Self Direction, please see the information below or contact: 

Amy Bauer
Self Direction Program Director

Program Info